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Thoughts on Student Leadership

Recently, one of my seminary assignments had me asking two essential questions.Why is it important to raise up student leaders? and How can our ministries better raise up leaders? Here’s some of what I’ve come up with so far for the first one.

  • Leadership opportunities help provide a sense of youth ministry ownership
  • Opportunities provide connection to build up church body, and larger sense of belonging
  • Leadership provides opportunities for students to make personal discoveries
  • Personal discoveries are more likely to lead to personal change as opposed to simply “being told” something
  • Leadership provides positive outlets for creativity and develops community
  • Prepares students for their roles as adults
  • Student leaders leads to reaching a greater number of students – then will have long term impact (on future communities),
  • Potentially more effective than adult leaders to reach other students
  • Value for other seeing peer role models, role of peer mentoring
  • Student leaders provide valuable feedback about students’ perspective

I’ve answered the first here. But here are some other questions I’ve been thinking about

  • How do we build into our ministries opportunities both formal and informal for leadership development?
  • How do we handle the transience of youth communities and assist our students to make smooth transitions?
  • How do we equip not just the “natural” student leader but make sure there’s space for others with leadership potential as well?

As usual, more questions than answers. What are your thoughts? What has worked foryou? What’s been a challenge?

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