About YiA

YiA stands for “Youth in Asia”, also known as “Youthnasia”. This is all about reaching youth all over the continent of Asia, both those who are native to these countries and also those who live here as foreigners. A big part of that vision is resourcing youth workers to enable them to more effectively reach youth in their areas of influences.

The vision for this blog started nearly a year ago. There’s been a lot of thinking and dreaming and talking and youth work (and seminary classes) and even a little bit of writing in the interim. The dream for a network of youth workers across Asia has been around a lot longer. Christina, Joe, John and Tanya have been talking about it for five years. This blog is a step toward making that dream a reality.

Youth work takes many forms. There are paid and volunteer staff in churches and other Christian organizations, teachers with a heart to connect with their students, and TCK parents looking out for each other’s kids. If you are working with youth in Asia, youth living abroad elsewhere (wherever that is for them), please visit and share your thoughts! We can all learn from each other, and from the unique experiences we’ve had.

If you are a youth worker living in Asia currently, we would love to connect with you and keep you informed of upcoming events like retreats or trainings. We all have different strengths and different needs; our dream is that as we connect with each other we can build one another up.

If you are the parent of a TCK, we would love to hear your thoughts, and share resources with you. Raising a TCK can be a tough job. We’ve been privileged to see many do so very well, and others who’ve struggled with a lack of support. Whether your TCKs are grown up, you’ve just moved abroad, or anywhere in between, we warmly welcome your input and your questions.

If you are an ATCK (an adult TCK), please share your insights with us! You know better than anyone what it is like to grow up overseas – the challenges and the advantages. Chances are that one or more of us is working with a kid who is going through what you went through; your input can be hugely helpful as we strive to help them grow into healthy young adults.

If you are living at “home” but have a passion for youth work, TCKs, or Asia in general, you are also very welcome! Feel free to ask questions – we would love to help you learn more about the places we live and the kids we love.

If you’re interested in getting involved, whether by helping in person, raising support, or praying for us, please get in touch with us! There’s a “get involved” tab at the top for you to learn more.

Thanks for checking out the Youth in Asia blog. We hope you’ll continue to stop by and get involved in the community we’re working to build here.


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