TCK Summers: Bethany

18 May

We are starting a new series called TCK Summers. We’ll be hearing from some TCKs around the world about what summer vacation looks like in their lives. Our first guest blogger is Bethany…

Bethany with a Tibetan nomad

Bethany with a Tibetan nomad

Hey there everyone! My name is Bethany, I’m fifteen years old and live in the amazing city Lhasa in Tibet! I have lived up here for around 5-6 years, although I have lived in Asia for 13 years. I have a total passion for our Heavenly Father, music, and teaching kids. This is just a bit about my summers! Enjoy!

What does a “normal” summer look like for you/your family?
For me nothing super exciting. I live in Tibet, and I am the only teenager here, well aside from my little sister. :) So there really isn’t anything our family does over the summer, it is just us. I do a bunch of reading, playing the piano, and teaching English to some Tibetan kids. Sometimes our family will go on camping trips which is super fun! Most of the time though we are at home, just relaxing.

What would and ideal summer look like for you?
Every year an ideal summer changes. One year I would like to spend it with friends, the next at a camp, but truthfully I don’t know. I think my ideal summer would be going to YWAM and doing their summer music program. I would be able to praise my amazing Father, and learn a bunch more while having fun with other people. I also would be able to travel on a missions trip and help other people. I think that would be awesome, too bad it isn’t free, or I have the money. :D

What will you be doing this summer? (And where will you be doing it)
This summer….well we (our family) will be in the States. We haven’t been back in over three years so it is going to be an adjustment going back again. We mostly will spend time with relatives, and I will be able to see my two friends once, which will be fun. It is just going to be a lot of traveling and checking out things for my future. When we get back I will have my amazing friend Corrie come up for a bit! She will be the first teen up here in three years, so I am looking forward to it! We will have a blast.

What is your best summer memory?
Ah, I do have one :) I think it was three or four years ago. It was the only full summer I have spent in Tibet with friends. That summer my friends and I just lived at each other’s houses and had a bunch of fun. We had game cube competitions, reading clubs, bike rides, camping trips, and mud fights together. I think the best part of that summer, was that my one friend got baptized – I had been praying for that for years! That fall my other friend was also baptized, I was thrilled :):) That summer was the summer before my life changed, so I think I will remember it forever.

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