TCK Perspective – Clement Ho

13 May
Clement Ho

Clement Ho

My name is Clement Ho. I’ve grown up in Austin (Texas), Hong Kong and Beijing. Out of all these places, I call Beijing home. I’m currently studying at Abilene Christian University at Abilene TX, working towards an undergraduate degree in computer science. My plan is to pursue a career in mobile development and use that for the glory of God.

What do you love/hate about being a TCK?

Being a TCK allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of different cultures. It’s great as it gives me the opportunity to see the world in a different perspective. However, at the same time, being a TCK also usually means that you can’t really identify yourself with one country. If someone were to say, “where are you from?”, you struggle to conjure up an answer that’s true because the fact is, the best way to describe where you are from is: earth.

What do you think you gained/missed out on through your TCK life?

Being a TCK has given me the chance to experience many events and opportunities that most people do not have the luxury of experiencing (from events such as trekking in the Himalayas to just simple traveling – though easily taken for granted). It was only recently that I was reminded about how fortunate being a TCK is. Being in college, it still sometimes surprises me that some people don’t even have passports.

What tips would you give to a youth worker seeking to serve their TCKs better?

Don’t assume you know the abilities of a TCK before you get to know him or her. I’ve had a friend who was ethnically Chinese yet never received the opportunity to learn the Chinese language. Although it was sometimes fun to joke around that people expected him to speak Chinese (especially when people spoke to him in Chinese), it was tough for him and made it harder for him to connect with people. Assumptions like this can unintentionally create a barrier between youth workers and TCKs.

What are you thankful to previous/current youth leaders for?

I am thankful for the amount of work that they put into the ministry. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am both physically and spiritually.

What do you wish previous/current youth leaders had done for you?

I wish my previous youth leaders would have invested more into small groups and discipleship within the youth community. After spending two years in college, through the college ministry, I’ve begun to see the power of small groups and discipleship. Meeting just once a week and sharing our lives with one another is truly empowering for both the people in the group as well as the surrounding community.


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