Tanya’s guest post on Expat Explorer

08 Mar

We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss Tanya’s guest post on Expat Explorer on Friday. It is an overview of TCKs – who they are, and some of the difficulties they face. Here’s a quote from the post:

One of the most distinctive features of TCKs is an uneven maturity. Most of the TCKs I’ve known can fit in wherever they need to – with adults, with teens, in different countries and settings. They acquire external behaviours as they do languages. Body language is just another language to add to their repertoire, with different dialects for different countries. . .

In most monocultural teens, these external behaviours are acquired gradually, over time, as they grow in emotional maturity. In TCKs, these external behaviours are NOT signs of internal emotional maturity. The internal and the external are quite separate. This gulf between internal life and external behaviour creates a great loneliness in many TCKs. Many say that they feel no one understands them – except, perhaps, other TCKs. This makes the pain of the frequent goodbyes to close friends that much more painful.

Expat Explorer is a blog focussed on the expat lifestyle but they’ve done very little on the topic of TCKs. Pop over and take a look, and maybe comment on their blog – let them know what we know: that TCKs rock!

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