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04 Feb

One of the main goals of this site is to resource and support youth workers, especially those working with groups of TCKs in Asia. One of the problems you can run into with setting up youth group games is that most resources currently available are USA-centric. Sometimes the “basic” equipment or settings used don’t work for us in our less conventional locations. We’re planning a few different series of our best games – ones that are flexible, for use in different places and with different props, or with no props at all.

Here are some categories we’ll be writing on:

Often a group doesn’t have time or space for an involved game, or not enough resources to set them up. But don’t worry! There are a lot of short and simple games you can play to get things started.

No Props Needed
Don’t you hate when you come across a great game, only to discover it needs you to use things that are unavailable (or only available as expensive purchases in an import store)? Maybe it’s index cards, or pudding… whatever it is, it turns a simple game into one requiring time and money to prepare. Never fear! We are going to share a bunch of games that don’t require ANY props but still get kids excited and engaged.

Bestest Messiest Games
We all know it’s true – games that create a big mess create big memories, too. Plus, it never gets old watching someone ELSE get covered in goop. We have a bunch of great messy games that your youth group aren’t going to forget in a hurry!

Great Glowstick Games
I had never heard of “night games” til I started doing youth work in China. For the uninitiated, let me elaborate. Night games are what they sound like: big group games played at night – most notably at “big” events like camp, when you likely have several hours of darkness with your kids! A great way to make night games extra memorable and fun is the use of glowsticks. We have a whole range of creative ways to use glowsticks, and to work your big group game into your camp theme.

If you have your own great games to share, or you’ve been looking for something in particular, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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